Fluoride Treatments

At Smiles 4 Kids, we depend on fluoride treatments to supplement our patients’ dental care and combat tooth decay. Not many people understand what fluoride is, or why people need more of it, especially if they have an issue with decay. We are here to educate you on fluoride treatments.

boy smiling and eating apple after receiving fluoride treatments

Fluoride Treatments Help Fight Tooth Decay

How does tooth decay begin? It starts with plaque. Every day, everything you eat and drink leaves behind sugar and particles that stick to your teeth, forming a coating called plaque. If plaque isn’t removed right away through brushing and flossing, it turns into tartar.

Plaque and tartar eat away at tooth enamel. The acids and the bacteria in these substances weaken tooth enamel and allow decay to gain a foothold.

What does fluoride do? Fluoride is a natural element that re-mineralizes teeth. What that means is that fluoride works to help the body absorb other vitamins and minerals that will replenish the strength of the tooth enamel, enabling teeth to resist decay. Fluoride can stop tooth decay in its tracks, and even reverse the damage done.

Where Do Fluoride Treatments Come In?

Fluoride treatments are recommended for everyone, but especially children with a family history of dental decay. If your child gets cavities even when they’re brushing and flossing daily, they might need the extra boost fluoride can provide.

When fluoride is added to a population’s water supply, there is a startlingly dramatic decrease in the instance of dental cavities — it’s proven that fluoride works. That’s why we offer in-office treatments for all our patients and may prescribe an option to use at home.

We Offer Fluoride Treatments in Farmington, New Mexico

Fluoride treatment comes in many forms. It can be applied via a gel or foam. It can also be taken in tablet form, like a vitamin supplement. For younger children, it can also be administered as a liquid medicine. We find the treatment option that works for your child.

Let’s Make a Plan for Your Child

Would your child benefit from fluoride treatments? That’s a question we’d love to answer. It starts with an examination of your child’s dental health. Once we know the challenges, we can put together a comprehensive plan that addresses them. Fluoride treatments will likely be incorporated into our approach — it’s one of the most effective ways to ensure our patients can fight off the devastating effects of decay.

Trust Smiles 4 Kids for safe, thoughtful dental care in Farmington, New Mexico — we’re here for you and your family.