Exams & Dental Cleanings

Kids need to visit the dentist for exams and dental cleanings twice a year — once every six months. That’s not just the rule we follow — it’s recommended by the American Dental Association. In fact, adults need exams and dental cleanings just as often. Dental care isn’t just for kids, but children benefit more from seeing a dentist regularly from a young age.

Not only do dental visits help keep kids’ teeth healthy throughout their development, they get them accustomed to visiting the dentist and help them learn why good oral health care habits are important, increasing their likelihood of continuing to invest in their dental health into adulthood.

boys smiling after receiving dental exams and dental cleanings

Preventing Cavities Is the Main Objective

At every dental visit, Smiles 4 Kids of Farmington, New Mexico, stays proactive. We believe that preventing tooth decay is easier than treating cavities after the fact. That’s the philosophy behind our approach to dental care, and that’s why we consider exams and dental cleanings so important.

Keeping decay in check involves daily at-home attention, but it also requires regular monitoring from a dental professional. Consider us your attentive, helpful team — our mission is to make sure all our patients have healthy, bright smiles.

First, We Make Their Teeth Shiny with Dental Cleanings

Cleaning is the first step — it’s what every patient needs when they first sit in our dental chair. During our bi-annual cleanings, we start by gently removing any plaque buildup we find. We brush and floss, then apply fluoride gel and finish with a polisher.

After the cleaning portion of the visit, our patients are ready to meet with our dental staff for their exam.

An In-Depth Exam Is the Next Step

The exam is where we take a close look at each tooth, making sure there is no decay. We assess our digital X-ray results and talk to patients and parents about their dental health. Together, we make a plan for any necessary treatment and offer helpful advice for at-home care.

We answer your child’s questions and we help them understand why healthy teeth are one of the keys to a healthy life. You and your child leave educated and motivated to continue caring for your teeth and gums every day!

Choose Us For Your Farmington, New Mexico Child’s Dental Exams

Smiles 4 Kids is the children’s dentist of choice for so many families in Farmington, New Mexico, because we care. We build a relationship with you and your children. We are your trusted family dentist, the team you can rely on for years to come, through every stage of development, for exams, dental cleanings and more. Call our office today to set up your first appointment. We’re excited to meet you and your child!