Dental Restorations

If your child has damaged or decayed teeth, Smiles 4 Kids offers effective, affordable dental restorations that will give them back their beautiful smile.

You love your child’s grin, so when teeth fall out before their time, cavities wreak havoc or tooth trauma results in cracked and broken teeth, we offer dental restoration options that relieve pain and restore your child’s looks.

girl brushing her teeth after receiving dental restorations at dentist

When Are Dental Restorations the Answer?

One of the most common reasons our patients need dental restorations is tooth decay. Cavities can sneak up on teeth, decimating their inner structures and causing pain for your child. It can hurt when they chew or even when they open their mouth to speak.

Your child may need dental restorations for other reasons too, such as injuries or accidents. Smiles 4 Kids in Farmington, New Mexico, uses fillings and crowns to restore your child’s confidence in their smile.

We Offer Options to Meet Your Child’s Dental Restoration Needs

Each patient has different needs. One child may need their tooth removed due to extensive decay. In this case, we would recommend an implant after extraction. Another child may need only a simple filling, if the decay is not too severe. We offer fillings made of metal, porcelain or composite material.

No matter the challenge, our team is ready to meet all obstacles head-on with high-quality dental restorations that will make your child forget they ever had a cavity or an injury. We offer fillings that look and feel like real teeth. We create crowns — little caps that go over tooth fragments — that are shaped just like the original tooth and function just the same.

We Have Their Long-Term Dental Health in Mind

As always, Smiles 4 Kids prioritizes our patients’ dental and physical health, both today and in the future. What’s the best long-term solution for your child? It’s a topic we will dive into, showing you research, our findings and our recommended dental treatment so your child can regain full chewing power as well as their bright, shiny smile.

Get Trusted, Experienced Dental Care in Farmington, New Mexico

We’ll assess the problem and work with you on a tried-and-true, cost-effective solution. Explore how dental restorations can help eliminate pain and discomfort and boost your child’s confidence. Along the way, Smiles 4 Kids is here to help, providing trustworthy, compassionate care that will help both parent and patient feel secure in their dental health decision.