About Us

Smiles 4 Kids is a family-focused children’s dentist in Farmington, New Mexico — we’re the people you can trust with your child’s smile. We treat your child like they’re our own, providing the highest-quality dental care your child needs to grow up with a healthy, bright smile.

We go to work with our smiles on every day, because we know our work matters. We love what we do, and we’re looking forward to caring for you and your child through every stage of development.

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We Teach Your Child About Their Teeth

One of the key features that sets us apart at Smiles 4 Kids is our willingness to educate our patients. We don’t just tell kids how to brush and floss. We tell them why it’s important. We know our patients are smart, and when you involve children in the “why,” it’s easier to get them focused on the “what,” which is taking care of their teeth every day.

Teaching kids about why they need to care for their teeth also helps them stay focused on proper maintenance as they grow. We want children with healthy teeth to grow up to be adults with healthy teeth.

We Help Your Family Enjoy the Dentist Again

Dental visits don’t have to be intimidating! We know it’s normal for both parents and patients to feel trepidation before coming to the dentist’s office, but we’re on a mission to reverse the trend. There’s no reason you both shouldn’t look forward to coming to Smiles 4 Kids, especially when the appointment is painless. We do everything we can to keep you comfortable. Our staff of friendly faces genuinely cares about your well-being!

You Can Trust Us for Convenient Care

We do our absolute best to accommodate your busy family’s schedule. We can help by scheduling siblings at the same time and staying flexible when it comes to sudden changes that pop up, like illness or the championship baseball game. We want to make dental care convenient, and we want to make it work for you. Schedule your child’s first appointment at Smiles 4 Kids, the area’s favorite children’s dental team.